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    Just a quick question here... we are carrying only 6 pokemon each like in the games, right? If so, Shadowstriker, you've already used 6 different kinds.


    "Are you sure he's here?" I ask my Gardevoir who's just teleported me to the gaping entrance of what appears to be a small cave made of ice.

    "Voir!" He nods.

    I peek inside and find him sitting there, the boy who's Charizard had just tried to roast us. Thank goodness for Gardevoir's Heal Pulse.

    "You!" I yell at him while pulling out a second pokeball. "That Shaymin is mine and I'm willing to fight for it."

    Standing with as much resolution as I can gather, I throw the pokeball to summon my Luxray out.

    "No more running!" I demand. "Let's settle this head on like the trainers we are!"

    I wonder what his pokemon will be.

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