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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Well, you said to…

I'm just gonna say here, the popularity contest are kinda rude tbh. I mean, I kinda already knew that Forever, Hikari, all those people, they're by no doubt popular, they deserve it, and I'm sure as hell not questioning that they're more popular than me, other people, whatever. But this is just pushing in my face "you're not cool enough" type of thing. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, but that's what it felt like.
It's not being pushed in your face or in anyone's face. People voted according to how they feel. I doubt anybody went through the ballot to intentionally exclude you or to say "Better not vote for droomph" or anybody else for that matter. It's just how it worked out.

Honestly, while the Section Specific MOTY's were kinda dead and tanked, overall it worked pretty well. It went much smoother than last year's. Much less drama and it was less of a headache to organize.
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