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    I'm back, I've downloaded the 5th Beta and it fixed my earlier Masquerain problem(I'm using the non-animated verson)

    Just finished the current Beta, it turned out awesome as always. The only errors I faced were exiting the Lapis Gym and the Aqua Vs. Magma sidequest when facing leader.(Both fixed thanks to the patches you provided on this thread).
    There still might be an error with the Drifloon and the electric pokemon that tries to shock himself on top of a Beryl Ward roof when it's raining at night(can't help but to guess it's Elekid for some reason) sidequests though.
    I found a roaming little Pichu sprite on Rooftop Garden the other day, I couldn't click on him, he kinda just walked around going through objects. He doesn't really go away, he's always on some corner of them screen if I leave and come back, I really don't mind it though, it's kinda cute having him walk around me.
    The weather doesn't really change, it's been raining for the past 4 days I've been playing even thought the television has different forecasts for each day...
    There seems to be 2 different wild Zubat programs/sprites Beneath the Grand Stairway B1F. Not sure if that's really a problem, just letting you know.
    And I really can't see at night time in the game...

    Still an amazing game as always the only thing I ask for is that there be more Pokemon variety... I've been training the same 4 Pokemon since the 3rd Gym. I mostly had to rely on my Blaziken to beat Florinia, Shelly, and Shade.
    -Side note character's name is also Shade xD

    My Team:
    Inferno/Blaziken - lvl. 47 (powerhouse)
    Boomer/Exploud - lvl. 42 (kinda thinking about letting him go)
    Arsenic/Ariados - lvl. 43 (barely getting to the point where it learns any good moves)
    Forrest/Pansage - lvl. 43(really want to evolve him soon)
    Cascada/Sharpedo - lvl. 40(just added her after beating Shade)

    Also can anyone tell me where this secret aquarium is or give me a hint? Are you guys talking about the one in the first city or is there another hidden area?

    One last note- Some of you guys really need to explore this game some more, there could be a lot of things you're missing. I highly encourage you to go back and explore some areas and see if you've missed anything.
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