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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
The main reason they made B2/W2 for the DS instead of 3DS was to ensure compatibility with Black and White since you can trade and battle with those games.

3DS games are specially made with a thicker cartridge that cannot be inserted into the regular DS, and if you made B/W for DS and B2/W2 with 3DS the games would not work with each other and also the Poke Transfer would not work given it requires a second DS with a 4th Generation game.

So yeah, that's the main reason why the games were not made specially for 3DS, and DS games can be played on a 3DS anyway.
Stating what seemingly is speculation as a fact? Compatibility between DS and 3DS games is realistically trivial. Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi, the 3DS and DS both support 802.11b/g/n, and there's little technical stopgap (rather, if there's any issues, it's to do with implementation) preventing a DS game from communicating.

While I'm dumbfounded by GameFreak's decision to release a DSi game (if anyone's read any threads), it's much easier to whip up a game within two years while reusing stuff from the previous engine, no porting or big issues necessary. I take it if they were to port what they had, they'd probably take a bit more than two years to get a game out. A nice compromise would be the DSi-specific features implemented in Black 2/White 2 - at least you've got the camera and the enhanced Wi-Fi.
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