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    Originally Posted by RyanE.Johnson View Post
    Going through the second half of a game fighting only level 100 Pokemon would be boring and stale, plus you couldn't level them up and evolve them seeing as they are already level 100. However, it would probably be extremely hard to catch any of these Pokemon due to extremely high level.
    I thought of the same thing but well, a balanced level system would make things much easier (like in GSC where the pokémon in victory road are level 27 compared to lvl 45 in RBY or RSS so drastically reducing wild pokemons level and exp given would make the game longer too.
    Also (talking about boring and stale) you'd need to rise the levels for evolution too so it won't get too imbalanced (catching lvl 120 pokemon in Sinnoh that will evolve into their finals forms at once) which would make the starting parts harder.

    At the last point I don't know if you are that far into hacking but there are about 30-40 slots between celebi and treecko which can be used for pokémon that are never registered in the pokédex even if you battle them so you could for example make a lvl 100 garchomp for cynthia with all base stats risen by 50 if you need a challenge :D Which is what I'd recommend for the asker of the question too:
    Just add the dark pokémon on slot 252 with altered stats (maybe ability etc. too) and you'll get the challenge you need :)

    And the last thing as level doesn't influence the catch rate (which is why mew lvl 7 isn't that easy to catch in RBY) even lvl 255 caterpies will propably be caught with the first pokéball at full hp :)
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