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    update 1-

    1-Started up Leaf Green...felt like being weird chosing the male player even though I'm a female lol, named myself Red and Rival Blue *shrug*

    2-Picked starter Charmander, battled Blue and won

    3-Got Oak's Parcel and then got some Poke'balls, went to route 23 and captured Mankey, leveled em both up to about 12 and 13 by going through Viridian Forest

    4-REached Pewter City and took on Brock's Gym, won with no problem thanks to Mankey, headed to Route 3 took out trainers and went into Mt.Moon,Charmander evolved; we took out Team Rocket came out onto Route 4 where I taught Mankey Mega Punch , then wondered into the grass and got Ekans (using cheat code)....arrived in Cerulian City, took a break there.


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