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Originally Posted by 9midnight9 View Post
Hey pokepals! My name's 9midnight9. I'm addicted to pokemon hacking. I'm sorry because I'm not really going to be active here 'coz I still have school. So, dont expect me to be really active here in PC. My other interests are sports, watching TV and playing hacked pokemon games. Also, I'm Filipino! :D

Well, I hope I have a great time here in PC. :D
Hello Midnight, mind I call you just that?

Nice Finn avatar btw, we have loads of Adventure Time fans here. And I happen to have a friend who's Filipino and loves AT too, so you definitely share something in common with him. I know sometimes real life things can suck activity, such as school but find some time to be active here.

If you're looking for sports and TV discussions, you might want to head over to the General Entertainment section of the forum. It's been lacking in activity lately so you could help give it more love, and there's also a reviewing contest going on right now so go and check it out if you can. You'll also find the Big Fat Claim Thread there where you can claim TV shows, movies, songs, bands/artists and celebrities, and your posts in GE could make all the difference since some good threads pop up there a lot.

And you can find all the hacking needs you want at the Emulation section of the forum. It's a very big section so you might get lost in amongst all the hackers present there but you'll find loads of handy tools and resources you can use to make your own hacks. There's also map ratings, team discussions, the Hacks Showcase, Progressing Hacks and a script help thread so you'll definitely have all your hacking needs covered.

Remember to read the rules and feel free to contact Cid or Cirno if you need help, and enjoy your stay!

- Hikari10
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