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I actually, even though I didn't and do not vote in these things myself, thought the idea of dividing it up was nicer than before. The ballot didn't look as tedious. It also seems like it eleviated pressure to put down votes. I can almost guarantee there was probably at least one person who voted someone for a certain category just to not have the choice blank in at least one of these MOTYs, be it this one or one of years past.

Having said that though, I echo droomph's sentiments a bit... I highly dislike MOTY aside from the technical categories (i.e. best sig, post count obsession, whatever) because they're more light-hearted and actually far less open to bias. A lot of the more broad categories are generally set up to pick personalities and, given how I've seen in the past, only really seem to bloat egos or upset others. You think someone is a good member, I don't think you should have to rely on a contest to tell them so.

Also @Patchisou: you're right. There are many great members, many of whom DO go unrecognized. To be perfectly fair, it's not about making an impression to people in general, it's about doing it to the RIGHT people, which goes back to my last paragraph a bit. MOTY is not a good way to recognize outstanding members. It's a way of playing favorites.

And finally, I'd like to point out that, while yes it's voluntary, it's always the same people that vote year after year it seems. That kind of supports my statement of impressing the right people gets you the prize of a title. Furthermore, something else I'd like to point out is that this appeasement of these same people only reinforces their position as the go-to people on the forum, which only reinforces this trend every year and, from what I've seen from all of my stalking, affects community-wide relations in general. I'm not saying it's specifically MOTY that does this, but MOTY is indeed a contributing factor to it and I feel it appropriate to bring up here.

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