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Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
Great! Now with the 4th Gen split, I'm totally playing this hack. :D

But, whyyyyy change the starters to the ones from Gen I-V? They seem to be kinda.. redundant. XD
Starting with a Zorua was good. And Lucario is not really a threat with Zoroark learning Flamethrower right? So whyyyy??

Or.. we could start with a legendary Poke (An underpowered one of course, to maintain the balance of the difficulty of the game)?

Maybee.. Mew?

A starter that no other trainer could get would be really sweeet.. :D
I want the battle experience to be the most awesome as possible so I'm adding everything that would make the battles much awesome.

It seems having Zorua with you won't go that well with the story. What if the player releases it? I need it in my future scripts. But rival still get's to keep Riolu :P I guess you'll have to stick to fire types... :3

So my plan now is you get to have a random starter then you'll be able to get Zoroark after you get your 7th Gym Badge in a huge event where you get to fight a lot of Legendary Pokemon... :3