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Now for the comment which was long overdue! :D

Really loving the vibrancy of this piece. I actually can't really make out what is going on in there though to be honest, haha. But maybe abstract pieces like these are supposed to be like this. I certainly haven't done any abstract stuff before so I wouldn't know. :c Anyway, moving onto the next one - I actually think you went overboard with the darkness, tbh. I like the effects and the fact that there's a clearly defined focal here but yeah..not really digging how overwhelmingly dark the whole piece is. It just doesn't seem to work for me. The next piece is pretty dark too, but it works there. It is balanced, in my opinion. The colors are really nice - maybe some of the best coloring job I've seen in your stuff in a while. Plus, the grungy look really suits the piece - just really good and pleasing to the eye and I don't really have any qualms about it. Well, except the text. I don't really think it works here. It'd look almost the same, if not better, without it. But yes, really good use of splatter brushes (pretty darn sure you used them in here). I'd love to see a tutorial on something like this from you sometime. <3; I like this pretty guy too. I think the background effects compliment the whale and boy nicely. :D Although I think the colors could've been better. I guess it is just me being biased against works which have too many colors going in it, though.

Anyway, this, apart from the cow piece, is, imo, your best piece. Really loving the colors, the flow, the lighting and the usage of clipping mask (yeah, talking about the duplicate boy thingy) in here. It has got a really unique and innovative concept. Never seen anything like it before. <3; But yeah, if I had to be nitpicky, I'd say that the outer part of the circle to the left is looking pixelated. Hurts the piece a bit.

I'll comment more on the other two new pieces in a while. For now, I'll just say that I love how natural everything looks in the second update you posted in there. Not even those three copies of the guy look out of place and everything is just stunning.
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