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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Since the thread was to see how everyone felt about it, I did what they told me to - tell how I felt about MOTY.

And I told them. I was butthurt. I'll admit that. No point in not to, everyone knows. Something else also didn't feel right, that I can't put my finger on. That's how I felt. Sorry.
I think its important to remember that just because you didnt place for something doesnt mean peoplr dont think youre suited for that category or not as cool as a member. I know i either voted for you or put you in my honourable mention and thought you would be my first choice over another.. or i was gonna put you in most likely to stick to your resolution but your blog wasnt actually a resolution.. but i digress, in the end its personal opinion. Yes it may feel like because people know more people they'll get the votes but its also a good way to strive for something in the new year. Likr strive to do some lets plays or welcome new members or watch some twilight films more than once. ;33

So dont feel down or weird about it, hun. :3
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