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    I'd like to use more often legendaries in my team, but I always fill it up before I get to catch any, so I end up leaving them in a box. There was that time when I just wanted to find as many as I could to use them in my team (yeah, I remember having a 6-legendaries team)... but well, the point is that I can't really decide which of Latios, Latias and Darkrai would be my favourite one.

    Darkrai is a legendary which I have never trained because of what I explained before (my team was already filled up). On the other hand, I remember having Latios and Latias in my Ruby and Sapphire version (I had a Latias from Southern Island in Ruby; I appreciated that Latias a lot, and unfortunately currently my Ruby cartridge is lost D: ) and I liked them both. But well, let's just pick one and I'd say Latios.

    Allez, hop!
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