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Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
I was checking regularly and was about to give up. And then Yay a new chapter!

- Personally I don't see anything poor about this chapter.
- The Shakespeare references never get old.
- Aww, no helicopters yet.
- Regarding Decoyote: whoa major hint drop! Are we gonna see Pearl too?

That is all.
Ah, OK. Thanks for that. I guess I thought it would be worse because it would reflect everything happening while I wrote it... I suppose I can separate fiction and reality better than I thought. Huzzah!

As for helicopters, there was one... but it was in the prologue, which I took out before I posted it.

Regarding Decoyote... I just like the idea of them, I'm afraid. I won't rule out appearances from characters from previous stories, but I only have one of them planned out right now, and it isn't Pearl.

Thanks for your feedback!


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