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"I'm the Heir alright."

At these words, the eyes of every red reptilian nearby widens and they start cheering at an incredibly loud level. The elder MONK nods and seems to want to bless you or something.

That's until KEFKASPRITE comes flying along, landing in the midst of it all and squashing a couple of crocs under his ghostly tail.

"That guy? The HEIR of LODAC? Give me a BREAK!!" He laughs maniacally. Then his face screws up for a bit. "Though it is true, he is the HEIR." He shakes his beak violently and hits himself in the head with his fist. "But I am the real HERO! KEFKASPRITE!! I will prove it to you and then the Redspin tribe shall be under MY command! MINE!!" Another laughter that gets mixed with various birdy noises from the beak.

The crocs back off with worried faces and the MONK looks from KEFKASPRITE to you. "You're saying you would be a better HERO for LODAC than the rightful HEIR?"

"ANYTIME!!" KEFKASPRITE laughs. "He said it himself, he doesn't have a single true power! While I... can do... THIS!!"

He flaps his wings and sends a stream of feathers through the crowd of reptilians. Some get pierced by the feathers and others get knocked back into the walls of the rocky towers. The crocs around them don't seem devastated though. They merely nod thoughtfully at the display of power.

Oh, and the sash around the first reptilian's chest? It actually is your DAD'S BELT.

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