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→ Route 30

"Impossible?" Krissu wondered how that could be so. She glanced carefully at the other girl. Maybe she had been very ill in real life or something. Too weak to hold a gaming control in her hands. Poor thing! Krissu couldn't imagine how boring her life would have been without games. She felt an immense thankfullness towards Monster Art Online all of a sudden, for giving kids like these a chance of experiencing the wonders of gaming... but then she remembered that they were really prisoners here. Malcolm's face floated across her mental lenses for a brief moment. It was not a wonder; it was hell.

"We'll take the rough road, then," she said and started walking. But very soon, she suddenly stepped on something strange. She looked down and saw a very angry, yellow worm stare up at her.

"I just stepped on a Weedle!" she said, backing up towards Ange. But she wasn't really afraid. Even though they were poisonous, she had an Antidote in her bag. And Litwick was fire type. It would be easy to...

The grass behind them was rustling. Krissu turned around to see a dozen more Weedle peek up from the tall grass. All looking angered.

"A... A swarm? Why here? Why now?" She took Ange's hand. "We'd better make a run for it, I only have one Antidote and we don't want to get poisoned ourselves, do we?" The rough path forward only had one Weedle. They should run north. Litwick blew out a flame behind them to slow the swarm of Weedle. "Ready?" Krissu asked the other girl.

((OOC: you can bunny Krissu now for a bit, if you like :) Just don't make her say stuff.))
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