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    Originally Posted by VERGUNDAI View Post
    Yep that's whats happening, probably because I import building textures from different files...
    Thanks for the heads-up.

    -it's happening in the tileset editor right when I click on tileset 20 for buildings?!?

    I used a clean HGSS Rom...and it happens everytime...
    I have found an explanation, and it's based on both a trick by GameFreak and a flaw in SDSME. From what I've understood, GameFreak used more tilesets during early HGSS versions than in the final release, and they removed the files. However, as deleting them would change the index of the other tilesets, they inserted 4-byte dummy files. SDSME has automatic invalid file detection, but in this case it wasn't prepared to handle such small files, hence it froze when trying to read it. I'll fix this in the next release and warning messages will appear.
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