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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Since the thread was to see how everyone felt about it, I did what they told me to - tell how I felt about MOTY.

And I told them. I was butthurt. I'll admit that. No point in not to, everyone knows. Something else also didn't feel right, that I can't put my finger on. That's how I felt. Sorry.
Okay then...

Originally Posted by Stand Alone View Post
Also @Patchisou: you're right. There are many great members, many of whom DO go unrecognized. To be perfectly fair, it's not about making an impression to people in general, it's about doing it to the RIGHT people, which goes back to my last paragraph a bit. MOTY is not a good way to recognize outstanding members. It's a way of playing favorites.
That's actually the precise reason why we did nominations last year, but people (even staff) didn't like that. I thought it was a pretty fair way to represent their respective forums, but I think respective forum Member of the Year ballots like we did this year are even better. Most of the people who post in MotY are regulars of OC&D and OVP, and they're not really going to know who the best strategic battler is, whereas people in the competitive battling forum are much more likely to make a more informed vote.

Though I disagree that it's about doing it to the right people, considering anyone is capable of voting. Everyone just doesn't. Perhaps instead of focusing on the people who remain dedicated to posting their ballots, we focus on expanding that and probably we'd be a little more productive in this discussion.
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