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Going to be completely open and honest here. When member of the year 2012 came around in the staff forums, I opposed it. I was also against there being yet another popularity contest. Oddly enough I ended up winning, but you know what? I do not care about being popular, I don't strive for the approval of members on a forum, nor do I consider myself popular either, even now. After seeing that there were members I've never seen nor heard of winning categories, it showed me how ignorant I had been to oppose this. Reason being is that at least it's not just the big names winning everything. For me, my game had one favourite game of the year, and I won best mapper. Okay that's all well and good, I never sought those rewards, but if I hadn't worked extremely hard on those things, they would never have become popular in the eyes of the members and would never have won.

Popularity is not the key to success here, it's not the reason that people win things. If you feel that this is all about popularity then what you're missing is the big picture. A lot of the members who won in certain categories put a lot of work into what they did on the forum, they didn't just rally votes. I can see that by looking at our winners. I'll be the foremost to admit that I was wrong to oppose the contest because it's not a serious thing, it's not the revolution, it's not world war, and it's not some abomination. It's for fun.

So anybody who keeps complaining about it being a popularity contest, really and truly needs to grow a little humanity, and maturity, and see that there's actually more to the members who win the categories. Go ahead, sit down and prove me wrong, point out every winner and please, try and disregard what they've done, who they've helped, the positivist outlook they've shown to the forum. Yes, you may find one or two categories you disagree with, but, look at the number of votes that winner has got, that's how many people disagree with you for starters.

I'm not saying this because I won the member of the year category, or because I'm a staff member, or even because I'm trying to shut all of the nagging up, I'm saying it as a member of the community who actually has a positive outlook on it. If you're going to come in here and state how "this is all a popularity contest and it's pointless", you've already missed the point, as I did. So I'm standing here saying I was wrong to oppose the contest in the beginning.

For you, it might be a redundant popularity contest, for others it's recognition, and for those who can actually come to this forum to relax, enjoy their time and have some fun; this contest is just reminiscent of the reasons they come here.

I don't care about the semantics behind a name next to a category, and neither should you.

I will actually offer feedback on this year's competition in time lol.
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