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Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
I'm pretty sure this is the last Pokemon game for the DS, sadly as I don't think Pokemon can pull off 3D well. (the 3dPMD looks... "chunky" and not as good as the older ones imo).

Weren't people thinking this when there was a switch from the Gameboys to the DS? If you don't buy this system, you can't play, ever again? All systems are put out eventually, I guess it's the DS's time. =/
Honestly, I don't really doubt this quote at all. For 6 years, Game Freak has released games to the DS platform for Pokémon (that is, the mainstream Pokémon games). And as technology evolves, game development has to as well.

I remember getting my first DS in 2006, and I was just lucky that Diamond and Pearl came out in 2007. I also still have yet to get a 3DS, and with the slowing of DS game production, I am bound to get either a 3DS or 3DS XL this year.
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