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When a movie is first released, whether it be locally or internationally, it garners a certain amount of success, be it a high grossing opening weekend or even a consistent weekly gross for a certain amount of time. Of course, a movie's success, if any, tends to deteriorate over a period of time, and sometimes people will think 'wow, that movie was such a success fifty years ago that we should remake it!'

This is a solid idea; remake a successful movie with even better actors, better cinematic displays and effects, and a few plot twists here and there. Media gold. Sometimes, however, said movie will bomb entirely and will have proved to be an ill-fated attempt at rehashing a dead franchise. The producers of the movie proceed to lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

What are your feelings on remakes? Are they typically better than the originals, or have you seen your fair share of bombs? Perhaps it's hit-or-miss with you?
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