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    Ange smiled at her companion's surprise. "Yes," she agreed softly. "At least that was what I was told." She wasn't horribly concerned by this notion as Krissu seemed to be. It was her life, as it were. "I could not precisely-" Kii let out a crooning sort of noise as Krissu abruptly ran back beside her. Ange looked to see a lot of angry yellow worms. Weedle, Krissu had called them. Well, she thought, rather huffily. They would be cute if they weren't quite so angry. Kii let out another irritable noise as he was jostled by Krissu grabbing his new trainer's arm.

    "Ready," she had asked.

    The redhead looked at her companion and nodded slowly, letting herself be lead along by this new friend. Kii screeched again as he was jostled before righting himself to face the Weedle swarm. He fired a String Shot, aiming the sticky thread towards the eye of the nearby Weedle.

    "I wonder how profitable... this will be after all," Ange murmured as they ran, her eyes being drawn toward the gleaming horns atop their heads. "My... that will be nasty won't it?" She frowned at the lone Pokemon. "Maybe if we split up... and go around it, it won't know... who first?" It was a technique she knew people used... she knew it worked very well in some cases... like in the alleys.

    "Hey come on, help us out!"

    "Aw leave him, he's a stiff anyway. Just get the other guy and go."


    "No way, I'm have fun. Go home you wuss."

    She shook her head to clear it, listening behind her for the sound of many pods.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."