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    Originally Posted by dragonnathan025 View Post
    Anyway, no, some guys need priority moves, otherwise they're worthless. Scizor may make a niche in UU with Bug Bite, may show up in OU a little, but not as good.
    Wasn't Scizor mostly used for scouting and Baton Passing in OU despite having Bullet Punch?

    Conkeldurr would have to rely on Bulk Up to do much of anything, and a good Psychic type like Alakazam or Reuniclus could easily murder it, since Alakazam goes first, and Reuniclus could wall anything Conkeldurr would use, if properly trained.
    That's not a great example, because Alakazam and Reniculus can still resist Conkeldurr's Mach Punch.

    Mamoswine would be worse than useless, only having one resistance and 5 common weaknesses (2 resistances and 4 weaknesses if it has Thick Fat), if it weren't for Ice Shard, since, as stated above, Dragons could run rampant.
    It would still be used because of its Stealth Rock resistance, unlike all Ice types, thanks to its Ground typing (and Icicle Crash).