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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Damascus heard Mark's words and simply grunted as he flew down a bit closer to the ground. From what Lucia could see there didn't seem to be any signs of this friend around. There weren't any colors sticking out among the rocks... no broken body that lied on the ground, so that was good. Maybe they were just in the wrong spot? Well, Damascus was taking his time looking about as well, so maybe when they got on a different side of the mountain they would see her? Lucia frowned as she tried to pull down her messed up hair, "Mark, can you call out to her? Maybe shout and see if she responds?" She asked. "Or... actually you do have her number right? Just call her up and tell her that you are looking for her. I mean, you've got to have her number if you two are very close right? That could save us a whole lot of time looking."

    Lucia shivered a bit in the cold. She knew she should have taken a jacket today! Well, next time she would leave a note to herself just in case something like this ever happened again. One never knew what would happen in a day after all!
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