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Hey there Midnight, welcome to PC and it's nice to meet you. :D You can call me Cirno and I'm one of the members who will be greeting you!

Ooh, so you like Adventure Time? You might just be interested in our Adventure Time Fanclub, which is definitely one of the best places to visit if you're a fan. I love the show too; didn't think I would since it has strange humor at times, but that was proven wrong easily. <3; Though sadly I'm still on season 2 right now. And as our other fantastic regulars have already mentioned, the Emulation section is your go-to for anything related to ROM hacking. Our hacking experts make lots of tools for the new, aspiring hacker to use, so you'll find a lot of nice resources if you venture out into the section. Have you been hacking for a while, by the way?

But definitely no worries if you're busy with school, since most of us have other obligations outside the forum! Regardless of how often you check back, you'll always be welcome back here, so it's totally fine. Can't say I'm into sports much, though.. I've tried to get myself interested in them so I'd at least have more active club options at college, but it just doesn't seem to work. Might need to start jogging again since I get tired way too quickly for my own good.

I really liked replying to your intro, it was really simple and to-the-point. :3 Hope you've already done some exploring and the site has been to your liking so far! Stick around and enjoy yourself here, all right? The community is very helpful around these parts so if you're ever lost, you can contact a staff member (bold blue names) and they'd love to help you out~

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