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    Alright, time for a big update:

    Ultimate Ice-Mono: Crystal

    - Skipped over to Olivine to catch a Shellder and named her "Pearl"

    - Trained Pearl up a bit then evolved her in to Cloyster

    - Went back to Ecruteak and beat the Kimono Girls for the almighty "HM03 Surf"

    - Blitzed through Morty's Gym then beat him for the
    Fog Badge

    - Luckily, I messed up setting the time on my game and it was Friday at the time, so went back to Union Cave and caught a Lapras and named him "Plesio"

    - Sequence broke all the way to Mahogany where I met Lance and cleared out the Team Rocket Hideout to get Whirlpool from him

    - Skated through the Mahogany Gym and fought Ice against Ice with Pryce, though I emerged victorious and received the
    Glacier Badge

    - Made the long trek to the Whirl Islands where I caught a Seel and named him "ChillyBill"

    - Payed Jasmine a visit at the Lighthouse, then swam all the way to Cianwood

    - Grabbed the Secret Potion for Amphy, then entered the Cianwood gym where I had a surprisingly easy time with Chuck and left with the
    Storm Badge

    - Swam back to Olivine to give Amphy the potion, then destroyed Jasmine and obtained the
    Mineral Badge

    - Went to Goldenrod and did the boring and tedious task of kicking Team Rocket out of the Radio Tower

    - Flew back to Mahogany, then made my way to the Ice Path where I caught a Swinub called Pumba and a Jynx called Kiss me!

    - Emerged in Blackthorn City and entered the Hell that is Blackthorn Gym

    - Trolled through the Gym then trolled Clair herself for an easy win and the
    Rising Badge

    - Went back to New Bark Town to receive the Master Ball then began my trek east and arrived in Kanto

    Okay, I'm close to the Indigo Plateau now so I'll post my full Team Roster when I beat the Elite Four, which shouldn't be far off.


    Okay, the Elite Four have been defeated! Here are my current team stats for anyone who's interested:

    Sly Lv.46 Male


    Ice Punch
    Shadow Ball

    Pearl Lv.45 Female


    Spike Cannon
    Aurora Beam

    Plesio Lv.45 Male


    Ice Beam
    Perish Song

    ChillyBill Lv.46 Male


    Ice Beam
    Aurora Beam

    Pumba Lv.46 Male


    Icy Wind
    Take Down

    Kiss me! Lv.46 Female


    Lovely Kiss
    Ice Punch
    Body Slam

    Now it's off to Kanto!
    Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: