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    Originally Posted by Star_light View Post
    I tried all four fonts. It still doesn't appear... :/
    But the fonts are working like the screens? If no, you need to install it. Make sure you are in Compatibility Mode and if you have administrator permission on your computer. To run the game in Compatibility Mode: click on the executable file icon with island icon and go into Properties, in the Compatibility section put at the Run in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP.

    Originally Posted by nuekkacak82 View Post
    Simple question..

    1. How to get to 2nd portal in ice cave? Cabt get through because block small ice stone..

    2. How to easily caught low level wild pokemon?

    Tq in advance
    1-You need to go by the top and fall in the certain holes and slide in certain parts.

    2-As P-Sign said. Try also the certain balls in certain moments like Fast Ball, Net Ball, Heavy Ball, and others, specially Quick Ball, Dusk Ball and Time Ball. For some pokémon you need to use several balls.
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