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    Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
    For example if you are going to a local tournament and you know that a high percentage of the players who regularly attend choose to play “Six Samurai” you may decide to side deck 2-3 copies of “Kinetic Soldier” or “Puppet Plant” or “Gozen match."
    All of these cards are aimed towards hurting the “Six Samurai” archetype and will give you a good advantage against this archetype. If you decided to side deck 2 of each of these cards, meaning 6 cards of your side deck is dedicated towards this archetype meaning you have a stronger possibility of defeating them.
    However if you are side decking for a larger scale event such as a World Championship Qualifier (WCQ), Battle of the Kingdoms (BOTK) or Nationals, then your side deck will be a lot more difficult to construct. In a larger scale event, you can only go on your gut feeling of what decks you expect to see on that particular event. This means you have to try to make your side deck as universal as possible or have a smaller percentage of your side deck against particular archetypes.
    This quote states that if you are going to a locals, you'll probably have more cards in your side deck towards certain archetypes of which the stronger players are piloting. At a locals you tend to have a % of stronger players who will always do well, so you want to side deck against them or at least have options against them. Not every locals player will change deck every locals, so you can have more of an opportunity to do better in the 2nd and 3rd game. The only reason why at a large event people will possible dedicate a good % of their side board to a particular archetype is that they feel the deck is the most popular and the one they wish to defeat more easily.

    Regardless of your opinion of "Leeching the light". The card is made and people will use it.
    The sole reason why it will never go away is turn 1 or 2 Archlord Kristya/Master Hyperion can still be done. You draw a leeching the light, summon your monster and attack over that Kristya that prevented you from special summoning or prevented your monster/spells and traps being destroyed next turn by Master Hyperion. THAT can be a game changing move.
    Also I have heard stories of a Red Gadget + Leeching the Light + Limiter Removal helped a player get into Top 32 with Machine Gadgets at a YCS.
    He only had those cards and the life point damage was enough for him to seal game 3. If he didn't have the leeching the light, he may of been dead next turn.

    Shadow Imprisoning Mirror is not a bad card to side deck against "Dark World", it will do similar work to "Macro Cosmos", "Dimensional Fissure" without hindering your graveyard.
    Light archetypes just like Dark archetypes will always see play in the competitive format.