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    Icy Plains


    Held Item(s):

    Chapter One:

    Part Five

    As Nemo got into her battle-- Oh, Arceus almighty. Do /not/ anger her. Ty wondered if she was just excessively violent, or if it was simply the nature of people from her region. It didn't matter, anyways. It looked like a Vanillish was headed his way, probably ignorant to the battle, or, you know... Picking out the weaklings first-- Hey, wait! "Alright, Hono. I know you're not the battling type, but you can do this. You have the advantage! Plus, all of our training has to amount to something, right?" Hono turned to face the ice cream cone with this look of determination that, well, if he weren't so small it might actually be terrifying, but he was pretty puny, so... "Hono, your leer is nice and all, but you should be worried about your fire attack, not tackle. Alright, Create a smokescreen!"

    Hono erupted the flames in its back and caused a dark gray fog to surround their battle. Ty pulled the headband down and used it to cover his mouth and nose, squinting to watch the fight as he came closer into the smoke. "If you can focus, you'll see his shadow in the fog, aim your embers at it!" Hono did as instructed, and simmered the icicle with a pretty straightforward attack. That had to do some decent damage. A flurry of icicles shot out from the shadow and pelts just about everywhere in the fog, surely hitting Hono, as it even hit Ty and forced him to cringe and back up slightly. Ice shouldn't do that much damage, but icicles are sharp! Hono already looked injured and wary, and Ty took the effort to go and pick him up, and just in time, as an ice beam hit the previous location.

    Ty reached forward holding Cyndaquil, sneakily coming up behind the Vanillish. With Hono point blank behind it, he released another ember, and this one put it down for good. He coughed slightly and waved what was left of the smokescreen away, readjusting his headband back up to his forehead. He dug into his bag and sprayed a potion over his partner, who seemingly regained energy after coming into contact with it. "Alright, you did it Hono--" His distration came as he looked over to Nemo's battlefield... "Yyyyyou did good." He let Hono regain his shoulder position, seemingly prideful now, puffing out his chest and spewing flames from his back. Ty walked over to Nemo and the other girl. "Either you come from a rough place, or you came out of some mature action movie. So..." He turned to the other girl. "Who /are/ you?"

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