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Mana Murasaki
The Espeon girl
at the mountains.

Mana and Kilik were being asked if they had water. It was obvious that Kilita was the cause of Valorie's injuries. Kilik gave him fresh wTer, that's when Mana took out her bottle too, and something else…

"I-i have this too…" Mana took out a white roll of bandage and trew it over to him. Mana got extremely shy again, knowing what she was supposed to do, but Drake was older, so he probably knew how to treat wounds better than her and Kilik. Mana thought this wouldn't been the right moment to introduce herself to the girl, so she wouldn't

Sorry! I really don't know what more to write!

Roxas Jaden Asakura
- Alice's room

Roxas smiled when Alice complimented the soup he hsd made. "I'm glad you like it." he said with a gentle voice. Alice looked away from him which made him wonder why she was doing that. After awhile she looked back at him and asked for another spoon of his self-made tomato soup. Alice grabbed his free hand. Roxas was startled, did this mean she liked him,

Roxas came a lil forward, about to kiss her, but remembered he was a team rocket grunt and at least 2 years older than her. He leaned back, blowed on the soup on ghe spoon and brought it to her mouth. Even though he knew he wasn't allowed to like her, he still squized her hand a little.

If Alice found out about his secret she would hate him for sure. Not only Alice, he loyal partner Jello too.
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