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Cloyster can't Shell Smash sweep and Rapid Spin at once; this would be too suicidal, as its current set has a serious case of 4-moveslot syndrome. Hydro Pump or Razor Shell is too important to give up as a secondary STAB (and give Cloyster a way to hit most Steels neutrally).

Breloom's EV spread should be 12 HP/252 Atk/244 Spe to give it a Poison Heal number (an HP stat divisible by 8)

If you're investing into Ferrothorn's Attack, take some EVs out of its Defense rather than from HP (252 HP/24 Atk/232 Def).

Gliscor needs a speedier and more defensive spread to help it take hits while outspeeding neutral base 90s (Impish nature with 248 HP/24 Def/232 Spe). It's also meant to stall out opponents, not attack directly, so Ice Fang can be dropped for Toxic.

Never, ever, significantly invest in a defensive stat unless you max out HP first, as the bulk would be too inefficient. Your current Heatran set is meant to defend, not to sweep, so Earth Power isn't really needed, and a status move can go in its place. Your EV spread should be 248 HP/252 SDef/8 Spe.