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    Hey guys I'm new here so I figured I'd introduce myself

    Usually my online names are either Misfortune or Axel so feel free to call me either. I'm new to sites like these so I'm gonna have to do a lot of reading the rules.... (I just threw up in my mouth a little) Anyway I have a wide array of interests that this site seems to fill out so I figured why not join? I've been tinkering around with hacking tools on my own for the past year and a half now but still don't know much if anything about scripting. I know most of the best tools but scripting seems to be a little of of my league.... Also I've been Roleplaying (Including Pokemon themed things.) For about 4 years now but I'm completely new to forum RP so I'd probably look like a damn fool because I wouldn't be able to fill up enough space. Also I recently got back into playing Pokemon Platinum (I know outdated don't worry tho I'm getting Black 2 ASAP) I know some stuff about EV training but I'd like a little help understanding everything about it. Like how many Pokemon of a certain EV type I'd have to battle in order to obtain a certain number of that EV. Well anyway other than that I spend a lot of time playing Magic The Gathering..... If any of you know anything about it message me! I've been playing for about a year and a half. Well anyway I'm done with my intro. Hope I feel at home here!
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