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Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
Olivia watched the battles progress, namely the one that involved a huge abomasnow. Sorry, Ty. With a bit more training you too can impress the ladies in the schoolyard, but for now she was enamored watching Nemo do such insane things as attack pokemon herself and have her pokemon ride abomasnows like it was a sport of some sort. Watching this, Olivia couldn't help but compare Nemo to a superhero! Like... Riolu Girl or something! At some point during the battle Olivia slowly got to her feet and considered helping but... frankly thought twice about it. She had this feeling she'd wind up getting in the way more than anything. She tried to imagine herself kicking an abomasnow and promptly proceeded to imagine herself frozen in nevermeltice.

After the battle, when the group had regrouped, Olivia took the opportunity to throw her arms around Nemo in an overly affectionate hug. "My hero!~" she said in a tone of gratitude that could only be described as 'Haven't I heard this somewhere before?'. ...The flirting begins. Olivia didn't seem to have any physical boundries, judging by the affection level of that hug, Over 9000 or perhaps she just wasn't shy around other girls. Either way she loosened her grip after a moment but did not actually let go. Nemo would be able to free herself if she tried.

"You were all over that thing!!" she exclaimed in a rather excited tone, clearly impressed by what Nemo had done. "And—...Thank you." she finished in a more humble, grateful tone. At this point she sheepishly let go and cupped her hands in front of her, an exhausted snorunt in the cradle of her arms that had probably just been squeezed between the two for a moment. Luckily it hadn't attacked. "My name's Olivia, and... I think you saved my life." she explained, a note of affection in her voice. "Do you think it might have been destiny?" she went on to ask, implying that fate had brought them together. She wasn't the most subtle of flirters. One could only wonder what Ty was thinking watching this—Perhaps something along the lines of 'I was there too!', or perhaps he had taken notice of the flirting. Either way, Olivia seemed to be enamored with Nemo for the time being.

Valorie Ryder - Mountains
Drake should've been grateful that Dragonite hadn't started copying Killita frequently yet. Regardless, Valorie took the water and began to open it, only for Kilik to ask her a question that came off completely condescending. Did he really just ask that? She scowled at Kilik, her mood only becoming less favorable as Drake unintentionally made fun of her. She shifted one leg back over Killita and proceeded to slide off, landing on her feet and promptly collapsing onto one knee. She quickly stood back up however and took the iced bottle of water. She hesitated a moment before applying it to an area of her stomach with a slight wince.

She then turned her attention back to Kilik, confrontational look on her face. "What, do you want to fight about it??" she demanded in an irritated tone, implying she was ready and willing to battle right there and now. There was no way she would stand there and let someone mock her honor like that! ...Even if it was true. Dragonite moved forward and leaned over, reaching down and pushing Valorie's legs out from under her so that she fell into Dragonite's arms. She winced slightly at the small jolt but got comfortable there, sitting in Dragonite's arms as the large dragon type got back up.

Aaand Drake was left to play babysitter. Valorie was clearly interested in defending herself, but in reality she probably should've been taking it easy.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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