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    Originally Posted by vapes View Post
    Lillycove to Mosdeep is just one straight surf to the right. It isn't until after defeating Tate and Liza that you have to surf a lot to do things for the story, which is between the 7th and 8th gym. And it's not that bad. I mean what's the difference between surfing on water and running on grass? You're still fighting trainers, encountering wild Pokemon (albeit they're all water types), and still able to use repels.

    Although yes, post-game exploration may amount to more surfing, but the main game itself doesn't have too much.
    I don't honestly know what's with the water route hate myself XD

    I love Water types so all the water routes were amazing for me. I'm just pointing out you spend about half the game on land and half in water. Which was the entire point of the game anyway cause of Aqua/Magma thing.

    I want Kanto remakes again simply because both are equally outdated games and overall Hoenn wasn't that great to me so I'd rather play a region I liked.
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