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Journey? Aww, can't I just be a book keeper or stay at home?

Oh wait. I'd unabashedly be the worst kind of Pokemon Coordinator. ewe The Pokemon contest concept was the only thing I ever liked about the main games, but the execution wasn't too hot. In real life, though, I think it'd be different.

I'd be absolutely terrible. My end goal would just be to have the cutest Nidorina on the planet, and we'd win using really sneaky underhanded tactics like Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss and whatever other cutesy-lovey dovey moves exist. You can give Pokemon accessories, right? I think my Nidorina needs glasses. For no other reason than to make it even more unnecessarily Moe-ish. They'd have to ban me.

I'd also have Vulpix. Redo her hair in pigtails, give 'er a lollipop and have her skip around while singing in a cutesy Vulpix voice. I don't even care if I win, I just want to melt faces with how sugar sweet this'll all be. They'll have posters hanging up to have me arrested. And the cops could never put me away because all I'd have to do is have the both of the 'mons give the ol' puppy dog eyes and bat some eyelashes, and if that doesn't have him/her blabbering baby-speak like a darn fool, it'll get me a "get outta here before I change my mind".

So yeah, I'd be like a cross between a Pokemon Fan obsessed with pretty/cute 'mons and a coordinator to flaunt such. But it'd be with the malicious intention of instilling face melting cuteness. Pokeblock abuse ahoy!

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