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*Hangs head in Shame*

Ive been rather busy lately and neglected the club a little bit... IM SO SORRY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Outfox I am so sorry! I was probably me thinking I had already put it up but forgetting, I apologise again please dont hate us! (Yes if I go down the whole club is coming with me for not reminding me! :P)

@The Bassist question: If you want to get better my advice is to search for some exercises on the internet that will get you use to strumming and changing frets. I personally just learn songs I like to get better at my instruments, nothing beats challenging yourself to improve your skills!

Im going to be putting Krosos and Alex's covers/samples they gave us on the front page unless either of them dont want their work there! So if not just give me a heads up.

Its also great to see you guys trying to get something together like a song played by members of the club, I will help in anyway I can so just ask.

On to a new Topic since the season has just been merry....
Did you receive any musical gifts for christmas? Such as a new instrument or a lesson book, etc.