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    I know that if there aren't any events on a map, it won't show the map, but I don't understand not being able edit the events.

    Just a couple questions to help anyone understand what is going on:
    1. Were you able to edit events before applying JPAN's hack?

    2. Did you clean your rom with JPAN's cleaner?

    3. Did you make any modifications to the rom before applying the hack.

    4. Did you use the patch and do everything, or did you use the tool and select only certain things or everything.
    1. Yeah I was, I had a whole bunch of my own made events

    2. Hmmm maybe? What is JPAN's cleaner? Is that a seperate program?

    3. No I didn't

    4.I used the patch

    Thanks for helping me! I really appreciate the time you are taking to assist me!
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