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    Re: Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, I misread the section you wrote on it because the only deck you mentioned was Lightsworns ... it is obviously a fine side deck card, though recently Soul Drain is becoming more popular as a replacement for it due to the recession of Inzektors. Re: Leeching the Light, if you want removal in that sort of situation, something like Soul Taker - or even a card you mentioned, Smashing Ground - is a far superior option because it gives no opportunity for your opponent to use Honest or really respond; and no, even if a card gets you to top 32 of a YCS, if it's weak you probably shouldn't be playing it (one specific situation out of countless situations where the card proves to be powerful? isn't that a symptom that it's usually mediocre?). Re: siding for locals - shouldn't it be named "side decking for locals for beginners" or something of the sort if that were the case?

    Re: digi-kun; yeah, I mentioned that as a more holistic problem with the organization of the article. I think that adding a lot more of the mentality on how to side deck and cutting down on the in-depth-ness specific examples in the main article would be a good idea, which also allows you to add variance to the examples because small unobtrusive things about a wide selection of decks can be mentioned in passing. Accompanying this suggestion (like digi-kun suggests) a section on a concrete example could be presented (if you want to keep your numerous examples and combine them into one coherent whole).


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