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    HUZZAH!!! I finally got my first shiny that I've actively looked for, and it's also my first ever shiny starter! STANLEY! THE GOLDEN TORCHIC!

    I'm totally playing through Sapphire with this guy, but there's no way I'm evolving it. He's going to stay a cute little baby chick the whole game, regardless of how useful he ends up being. Was really happy I got a Serious nature too since I like the natures that don't modify stats. (serious, quirky, etc.)

    This is what I was hunting for him on.

    It's my old DS Lite, but just the bottom screen. My DS Lite had a broken top screen, so I set the gba to always appear on the bottom, and detached the top screen completely, and you have an amazing GBA. Only issue is you NEED headphones to hear the sound. I call it the "Nintendo BS" XD

    I'm super happy I finally got this guy. Not sure where I'll hunt next, but I'll definitely keep hunting exclusively on Sapphire. Now that I've got a shiny starter, the hunt can REALLY begin. : )
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