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"Why exactly are we in the Icy Plains?" asked Cynthia as they hiked through the cold. Cynthia was used to the cold and, therefore, wasn't cold, although she was kind of worried about Hei as she only had a t-shirt on. Hei seemed fine though.

"This is probably where kids would have the most problem, right?" asked Hei with a grin. "After all, it is colder here than in the rest of the island and most people probably live in warmer climates."

"So, you're here to teach students?" Cynthia was incredulous. "What happened to annoying teachers?"

"What, you want me to annoy teachers?" Hei rolled her eyes. "I'm just trying to help some kiddies out."

"You want to torture them," Cynthia stated blandly. "Don't tell me otherwise."

Hei only grinned in reply as a guy ran past the two. Hei managed to see the Eevee, but the kid was too fast.

"What was that?" asked Cynthia, sounding worried.

"He had an injured Eevee," stated Hei with a sigh. "See, this is why I need to teach these kiddies."

"An injured Eevee? We should go and help," stated Cynthia with a frown.

Hei shrugged. "Eh. He's probably going to the Pokemon Center anyway. There were two other people in his group; we should go and see if they want a lesson."

Cynthia stared at Hei. "It would be inappropriate."

"Then go check up on that guy with the Eevee; I'll go and teach the kiddies," Hei stated, as she walked closer.

Cynthia sighed but nodded. "Fine, I'll go check on the student with the Eevee, but you better not do something I wouldn't do."

As Cynthia walked away, Hei called after her, "Sure, take the fun out of everything!"

Hei walked up to the students. "Mandatory survival lesson, kiddies. Get in gear!"
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