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Guys, just keep in mind that this really isn't a random chat thread but instead a place to welcome new members. You're free to take the chit-chat to your profiles so things don't get as messy around here. ^^ Try not to get too off-topic or I'll have to close the thread, which I really don't want to do. D:

Anyways, hey Gary, welcome to PC! Nice to meet you~

Wow, congrats on the shiny, I've never gotten a shiny starter before so you're really lucky. Did that take you a while or was it by coincidence? Nuzlockes are really fun though and I really enjoyed it when I tried one, really does add an extra challenge to the games. :3 We have more Challenges here over at the Challenges section, so I'd recommend checking that out and trying some more after your current one, if you'd like! Maybe we'll run into each other there since I'm trying to get back into challenges myself.

And yep, you heard right! Emulation is quite popular around these parts so there's definitely a lot of tools and tutorials you can use if you plan on making your own game. But ooh, I wasn't aware there was a DNS patch to alter that sort of thing, shows how out of the loop I am. D: That sounds awesome and I might even try that when I do my next challenge! Do you have any plans to make your own game? Quite a lot of new members join up hoping to do that, so I'm sure you'll find a lot of others who would love to talk with you about ROM hacking. I would never have found out about PC if it wasn't for Shiny Gold, either! So Emulation has a special place in my heart even though I have no talent when it comes to making games. XD;

Hope you have been liking PC so far though; have a great time and do contact me or Cid (or any other staff member, really) if you need any help with anything! <3

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