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Originally Posted by pokemon hack
this game looks REALLY good the there must have been a lot of work put into this game
i even have that userbar in my signature see
Thanks! Yes, I have put a ton of work into this.

Originally Posted by AmazingCharizard
Like your work. Graphics look quite good to me. I hope the story willbe as well.
Thanks. I hope the story will turn out alright as well.


Here're some more recent accomplishments:

Physical/Special split along with ASM to display which moves are physical/special/status:




Credit to:
DoesntKnowHowToPlay - for the split
Darthatron/Jambo51 - for the ASM to display whether an attack is physical/special/status

Also, I finally inserted a new water battle background and edited the colors of the textbox that people complained about being too bright before.

And here's what the new box colors look like with the normal grass battle background:

If you like, you can post and tell me what you think about the new box colors (I am still tinkering with them).


And in one final note, I'm going to change the name of this hack from "Jasper" to..."DarkJasper". The reason for this small change is that I discovered that there is already another hack called "Pokemon Jasper" from back in 2008. This isn't really a big deal (it apparently never got to beta), but I would like this hack to have "unique" name (even if that means just putting "Dark" at the beginning, lol).

I'll update the first post to indicate this change soon.