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Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
Olivia received the one armed hug with pleasure, only to have to mentally double take when Nemo responded to her praise. Destined for... greatness? "Right..!" she replied in an only slightly awkward tone. Yeah... right. Destined for greatness. Totally what she had in mind! Sarcasm aside, she took the opportunity to do—You guessed it, flirting. "I'll call you whatever you want, Ace~" she quipped. The tone was arguably supportive, but the flirty, or perhaps friendly teasing undertones were very audible.

She was startled out of her thoughts when Ty yanked up the semi-frozen body of an eevee and what she assumed was it's egg however. Wow... uh... 6th sense much? Olivia watched Tyler go for a moment, a concerned look on her expression. She quickly returned her attention to Nemo, though. For a moment she didn't say anything. She hoped that pokemon was okay, but Tyler seemed to have that covered as well as it could be covered. "...It's pretty cold out here, but do you like it?~" she asked, proceeding to turn and show off her figure to Nemo as if modeling for her. She turned to her sides and then finally turned her back to Nemo, bending about ten degrees forward and swaying her hips slightly as if to demonstrate the effect of the wind on said skirt.

Only, let's be honest here. She wasn't even just fishing for a compliment. She was fishing for a reaction. She wanted to see how Nemo felt about this, though the unrealistically romantic part of her brain imagined being scooped up on the spot and carried off. She could fantasize, couldn't she? Candlelit dinner? Cuddle time? An extremely confused snorunt? Someone yelling at her to get in gear for a mandatory survival lesson?

...Wait /WHAT/?! Olivia abruptly stood up straight and turned to face Hei, meekly smiling at her. She declined to explain what she had just been doing. Rather, regardless of Nemo's reaction she'd speak up after a moment. "H-Hi..?" she said, the question of what Hei was doing implied in her tone. She was understandably a bit confused.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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