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    Originally Posted by saad20006 View Post
    hello darkrisinggirl,
    please help me i don't no what i have to do after the snow badge in the pokemon dark rising 1 beta 1 i don't have TM : surf and i search for a solution everywher and in all cities
    please answer me and thank you
    PS: i like your hack pokemon version !
    The cave that Kayo was standing in front of should be open now. You can go through it to reach a new path where you'll eventually come across evil Pete.

    Originally Posted by byAmbi View Post
    Hey DrG, i'm at Oren and Kayo's final battle on thunder mountain. when i defeat him after the battle i speak to him and half way through the script it messes up i'm not sure how to explain it but it doesn't mess up the game or anything i just cant read the rest of it and nothing happens is something supposed to happen? And another bug that completely doesn't let me move on with the gameplay at all unless i'm going the wrong way but on the lower right side of thunder mountain i use surf when i surf passed the rocks the game just restarts any advice or help on what i should do?
    I just uploaded a Rom that rearranges the path you can walk at that specific part. Tell me if you were able to walk by now. If you do, you'll see a small rock path that will eventually lead you to some water where you can surf to the next island.

    Originally Posted by MExile View Post
    I am loving this hack so far, only just beat the first set of Dark Thugs (can't lie it made me giggle a bit lol) and I'm addicted lol. I'm also recording it for my channel and it is getting very good praise so thought i would just show my appreciation and let you know all my subscribers are enjoying it too

    P.S Love the fact that Yami is gonna be in it, he is awesome
    That's great! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll be checking out your channel as well soon. ^.^