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    I saw the Haunter grin and smiled at it. I then heard the boy who had introduced himself as Cecil ask for my name. Judging by the way he was stuttering he was either extremely shy or cold. Waldo looked at Haunter and made a weird face at it. Lulu saw and had been waiting for Waldo to do something stupid like that and slapped him in the back of the head with Force Palm.

    "Nice to meet you Cecil. I'm Rafael and these are my partners, Sparks the Pikachu, Lulu the Riolu and Waldo the Oshawott" I said and extended my hand hoping for him to shake it. Sparks had woken up when she heard her name and saw Lulu and Waldo fighting. She jumped off of my head and pulled Lulu away from Waldo before she hurt him.
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