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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan - Icy Plains
    Nemo was slightly distracted from Olivia's flirty comment about names, though her chosen title was something along the lines of Supreme Empress of Everything, by Tyler's sudden departure to claw a clump of brown and cream fur out of the snow, as though he hadn't heard it at all during the battle. An offer of Aspear berries would have come, but something blocked her throat before she could; the memory of herself bawling only a few short years ago, and the image she saw of herself in the mirror earlier that day. Perhaps it was for the best that she remained with the person that would praise her, instead of a memento for old memories.

    Her mood was lifted slightly by the sight of Olivia parading about in her skirt, with abandon befitting only the mos joyous of people. The kind of feeling that Nemo imagined would run through her with great victory, even more so than the one she'd just beaten out of the motley crew of Pokemon. Though there was some concern still about the girl's potential frostbite, her Aspear berry would still have some effect, and the way she waggled her hips reminded her of that one woman that visited the gang's den on the weekend and left with a far heavier purse...

    "Perhaps some tights would go well with it." Nemo suggested with a smile, as she needed something to relax the adrenaline in her veins, but thoughts of simple relaxation were shot from her grip, as another person sought to join their trio-turned-duo. She stopped smirking and faced Hei with arms folded over her chest, while Olivia seemed to stumble over her actions slightly. "...kiddies?" She asked skeptically, making sure to flex the toned muscles of her biceps to let the newcomer reconsider her words.
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