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Kids today with their blue rays and dee-vee-dees. Back in my day we watched movies on these old things called tapes. They were dark and grainy and if you wanted to watch them again you had to wait ten minutes to rewind them because the last person who watched them didn't do that. Sometimes if you paused them for too long the spot on the movie would get fuzzy, that is, fuzzier than the rest of the movie, which you always had to adjust with the little wheel at the bottom of the VCR. The colors had to be adjusted the same way, but we were happy to have it that way.

I watch them on DVD or Blu-ray if I like them enough to own them. Otherwise I just watch things on netflix or borrow the movies from friends. I also like going to the theatre a lot to see things when they're still being advertised so I don't forget they exist by the time they're available for home viewing.
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