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    Sparky squealed with joy when the Haunter started to play with it. Sparky let off a harmless little spark from it's cheeks towards the Haunter playfully. I smiled and Waldo shot a small blast of water towards Lulu who's leg lit on fire and turned the water to steam instantly. Oshawott got slightly scared and the Schalop on it's chest fell of and it picked it up like nothing happened. That made me laugh slightly.

    "The uhm Entei dorm is where you are. And sure I'll give you a your" I said and smiled lightly and grabbed Waldo and placed him on my head. Sparks was running around haunter and fell which caused it to accidentally release a small jolt of electricity towards me but Oshawott blocked it with the Scallop. Oshawott smiled and gave Pikachu a slight smile and nodded.
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