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    Even if Hei was attracted to skirts, there was no way she was going to look at jail bait like that as skirt-girl did her little hip thing. She smirked in amusement, though, and the smirk only grew larger when skirt-girl squeaked. She thought that someone who had enough confidence to swing her hips like that at another girl wouldn't stutter over her words, but Hei coming was probably ruining whatever little thing they had going on.

    Although, she couldn't help but laugh at the other girl flexing her muscles. "Kiddie, I have seen way more intimidating people than you and have beaten them hand to hand too."

    Hei appraised them, not sexually, but looking at what they were wearing. How did the skirt-girl think she would survive out in the cold with a short skirt on and bare legs? It's one thing if she was wearing a skirt and leggings, but a skirt with bare legs? That is just not right to surviving in the cold. The kiddie wasn't much better either (OOC: this means I can't find your SU. heh.)

    "Because skirt-girl is crazily wearing a skirt, she will be known as skirt-girl. As Kiddie seems to like the nickname, she'll stay with Kiddie," Hei listed. "I don't want to know your names and the next time you see me, I'll probably forget it anyway."

    Truth. Bai wasn't going to remember meeting these kids until she got the memories, which wouldn't be the fastest way.

    "Give me your age and what you plan to do after graduating," Hei stated. "After that, I'll tell ya what to wear while travelling through a snowy area because it sure as hell ain't that skirt ya got going on, skirt-girl."

    (OOC: I just watched Family Feud; I have no idea how I'm talking right now. xD)
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