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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
1. Ice
2. Fire
3. Rock
4. Steel
5. Fighting
6. Psychic

I am signing up as well:
User: NecrumWarrior
Game: Black Version

I'll post my Favorites list after my types are given so you guys can see them!
So it seems my team is:

I have declared this the luckiest team of all time. Dat color scheme. And I'm also using the two fire starters I didn't use in the last favorite challenge thread (I had Emboar, Blaziken, and Charizard on my last team)

Here's my list, btw:
bug- scizor, heracross, armaldo, scolipede, galvantula, yanmega
dark- umbreon, houndoom, tyranitar, mightyena, shiftry, scrafty
dragon- flygon, salamence, rayquaza, palkia, hydreigon, zekrom
electric- jolteon, zapdos, raikou, zebstrika, electivire, manectric
fighting- primeape, poliwrath, medicham, breloom, infernape, toxicroak
fire- charizard, typhlosion, blaziken, emboar, camerupt, ho-oh
flying- aerodactyl, gyarados, dragonite, mantine, drifblim, honchkrow
ghost- gengar, banette, dusknoir, golurk,froslass, giratina
grass- venusaur, sceptile, ludicolo, tropius, torterra, amoonguss
ground- swampert, groudon, garchomp, mamoswine, seismitoad, krookodile
ice- lapras, walrein, regice, weavile, beartic, glalie
normal- kangaskhan, granbull, ursaring, slaking, linoone, exploud
poison- crobat, nidoking, nidoqueen, venomoth, drapion, arbok
psychic- espeon, lugia, gardevoir, metagross, reuniclus, swoobat
rock- kabutops, aggron, rampardos, carracosta, omastar, rhydon
steel-skarmory, registeel, empoleon, lucario, bisharp, excadrill
water- blastoise, kingler, starmie, vaporeon, feraligatr, suicune

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.