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The producers have been taking note! It's back to zany dress ups, Meowth balloons and catching Pikachu! Of course, the producers were listening to Japan. Listening to the Westerners about a "serious" Team Rocket was a baaaaaaaaad idea.

I'm of the opinion that the issues most have with Team Rocket are to do with how they're dubbed. I mean, it's not like they didn't get the stupidest lines when TPCi took responsibility for the dubbing (sarcasm aside, they got worse, and so did their motto). And for a lot of viewers,

Could you imagine the present-day Jessie participating with heart in the Grand Festival like she did in Sinnoh, where she was so personable, and every other day a nutjob? Nope, they took her personality away and made her deep and serious. What about James and his bottlecaps? That man who prowls around being competent does not look like a man obsessed with cute things and bottle caps.

Meowth manages to take the show when he was "kicked out of Team Rocket" in Unova, though. His "competent" buds might have had their personalities sucked out of them, but look who clearly still had them - he was the target of gags throughout that entire arc - and then he was just plain again.

Honestly, some people seem to have just gotten sick of their antics, and now that they're out, what do we have? Nothing.

Until Episode N.
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